The international program at All Saints’ is modeled after some of the best college preparatory institutions in the nation. Our philosophy is that students engage fully in the world around them by not only experiencing other cultures through travel but also through the emergence of these cultures in our own community. We believe the international influence these students have in the classroom and the All Saints' community significantly enriches and enhances the overall learning landscape. We welcome students who meet our qualifications from all areas of the world and, in some cases, are working with organizations to attract them.    

Applicants from China

International students coming from China should work through the Cambridge Institute of International Education to apply to All Saints'. We partner with Cambridge to help Chinese students work through the admissions process and ensure proper placement. To submit an application, please contact our consultants at the Cambridge Institute at

Applicants from Mexico
We have developed a specific program to welcome students from Mexico interested in attending our college preparatory program. See our Spanish language admission brochure describing All Saints' and the programming. For more information, please contact our Admission office.  

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